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I’ve made a synthesized sountrack-like suite this summer. I’d a different approach to composing and presentation than my usual routines; the new tracks are more melodic, less aggressive. I also had to manage the suite on micro sessions, in the corner of the apartment, due to family and raging kids. Anyway listen.

P.S. If the SoundCould player isn’t working, try



I made this with an old friend. Angry German kid, hard synths and tripping drums. Deutsch Schwedische Freundschaft.

In the Thick of It

This blog is about music production and gaming. And I live in Stockholm, Sweden. You might now this if you’re following the blog. But did you know that I live in the same part of the city (Södermalm that is) as several of the famous Swedish manufacturers? Of course it doesn’t mean anything, there’s no synergy or anything, just a fun fact.

Teenage Engineering is only 240 m away. And I pass DICE, 1.8 km from home, every day going to work (some years ago I work at a news agency in the same actual building). Clavia is in the same area too, 1.1 km from home. Propellerhead Software is located 4 km, a bit further west, still on the same island. Moreover, Mojang is 2.7 km from home and 600 m from my job.

Only Elektron is located in the second biggest city of Sweden, Gothenburg (Göteborg), and Massive Entertainment is situated in the third biggest city, Malmö. SoundCloud started in Stockholm but moved to Berlin, Germany.

Maybe I forgot some companies, like Spotify and whatnot, however, it’s a small capital and a small country.


Here’s something for you night owls.

I had this old Roland Juno-106 (analog hardware) for years, that I never used. But I now made this experiment with it. It only took me two nights to finish. It’s written in Phrygian dominant scale in D, 120 BPM, and sounds pretty vacant. Dedicated to my gal, M. Enjoy.

Quality Doesn’t Count in Decibels

I find lots of good music on SoundCloud. It’s really a fine resource.

I like all sorts of music, really. There’s a time and place for everything, right? And there are good and bad shit in all genres. But on SoundCloud, I tend to listen mostly to hip hop and dubstep, don’t know why.

Usually I look for unsigned acts and bedroom producers, not indie per se but still very underground, struggling artists, so to speak. The major ones you can find elsewhere.


A thing that differs a good song from a not so good, is the sound design quality. I’m not talking about volume here. Of course loud tracks stick out, but quality doesn’t count in decibels.

Here’s a random list of songs (which doesn’t reflect the whole spectrum of my taste in music nor is it complete in any sense). I think this shit is fucking awesome. Sometimes it’s the songwriting skills and sometimes the production value. Sometimes the performance and sometimes everything. Shout out to y’all!

P.S. If you’ve ever wondered how a mediocre producer could have thousands of plays and comments, read Terry Matthew’s article about the exploits using bots and fake followers to juice up stats.

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