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Properly Pwned Across Map

I was peacefully playing a match of Domination on Rush with my buddy Handy, and in the beginning of the second round this happened.

Clip (A) is my point of view, clip (B) is the killer’s and clip (C) is some kinda free cam fail.

Actually a similar situation did happen to me once before in MW3 (that clip was uploaded one and a half year ago on my YouTube channel.


Return of the Call

After having played 180 hours of Black Ops II and over 300 hours of Modern Warfare 3, I had grown tired of repeating the same routine over and over again, without ever taking it to the next level. For me, the remedy spelled S C O P E.

So some time ago I went on sniper mission – simple enough, only to use different scoped rifles.

Unfortunately this didn’t turn out to be a flawless kill streak as one would hope for. Quite the opposite, my k/d ratio dropped substantially. There are a number of reasons for that, but mainly because I sucked.

Nevertheless, scoping forced me to a different play style, hence Call of Duty felt somewhat fun again.image

My preferred rifles in Black Ops II are: Ballista, DSR 50 and the spammer XPR-50. In Modern Warfare 3: MSR and Barrett .50CAL. Yeah, I like both the bolt-action rifles and semi-automatics.

I also increased my controller sensitivity, from like 7 to 10 (in Back Ops II), and I might even push it further.

As I’m getting better, I try to play more aggressively, moving around more and try to quickscope some. While quickscoping is still hard for me on a long or mid long distances, it’s very rewarding when hitting the targets.

Because I haven’t played with sniper rifles that much before, I haven’t unlocked all Proficiencies or Attachments.

On Black Ops II I got a few different class setups, mostly based on more offensive gameplay. The Perks I use are usually Flak Jacket, Toughness, Dexterity and Tactical Mask. (Not using Suppressor or Ghost as before – no more unnecessary camping right?)

I usually don’t use the Ballistics CPU because I’m trying not to stay scoped in for too long. I rather have the Fast Mag Attachment. I heard the Laser Sight is good for quickscoping due to the ADS time, but I haven’t unlocked it for all guns, and I never no scope.

Try this out if you’re getting bored with Call of Duty, it doesn’t have to be sniper rifles, just different weaponry and approach from your everyday habitual.

Note: The screen shot is a DSR 50 replica built with LEGO bricks by ZaziNombies.

A quickscoping killcam, nothing much to bark about. I don’t expect any likes of comments on this one. I’m just trying the upload thingy out in Black Ops II. This be Ground War.

Get Ya Math Right

For some people the kill/death ratio is kinda holy in Call of Duty. To proper calculate the k/d isn’t that hard – your amount of kills divided by your amount of deaths. But you need to take your total body count in consideration.

If your total were 10000 kills and 8000 deaths, your kill/death ratio would be 1.25.

Now, let’s say you’re going 1.00 (20/20) this would actually slightly drop your k/d, even if it wouldn’t show on three digits. That is, it wouldn’t show the first few matches going 1.00. Also, if you were to kill and die twice as much (40/40), this would drop your k/d ratio even more.

To improve your k/d ratio, in this case, you’d need to do better than 1.25. A match when you’re going 40/20 (2.00 k/d ratio) would slightly improve your overall k/d ratio.

Bigger numbers would render greater effect on your ratio, both up and down. This means that if you were to really beast with 100 kills and 50 deaths (still 2.00 k/d ratio), you’d reach a little higher than with 40/20.

P. S. I have many hours on Black Ops II but rapidly dropped 0.04 in a few weeks, maybe because I got bored with the game and tried to put right by challenging myself – using sniper rifles only.

How to Dominate

So we had this PS3 LAN session this Saturday. We were six guys gathered at an office to play Call of Duty for 13 hours straight. Nerdy? Yessir, very much.

We played Black Ops II for the most part, but also some Modern Warfare 3. We fucked around in some private matches, such as Free-For-All with sniper rifles or semi-automatic handguns only. And then we went out on public lobbies and kicked ass on Domination.

We did try out some tactics with pretty good result – we won every single match.

The strategy was pretty basic: two guys capturing the A (or C) flag, while the other four run directly to the B flag. Then everyone tried to defend the seized flags, ignoring the third flag.

If the enemy team happened to capture our initial flag (A), and several of us were more at the other side of the map, then we shifted our focus from A to C flag.

We just held two flags, camping style, throughout the whole gaming.

Usually the most firefights were around B, so we put a little more effort there, playing more offensively.

And if the enemy team was really bad, then we pushed our front line further, to between B and C, and spawn trapped the shit outta ‘em.

I’m not sure this tactic would work against a good clan, but in a public lobby – with no real co-op or communication between the enemy players – this approach did prove to be successful. And my personal stats were okay, with an average 2.17 K/D over the last 20 matches.

And do recall that none of us are really good players, we just had a plan and stuck to it.

Camping for Victory

During last night’s Black Ops II session this mad bro was hating on me (translated from Norwegian): “OMG! Camper bitch!”.

Not a big deal really, it has happened before. But let’s ponder on this one: What is a camper? Am I a camper? And what seems to be the problem with camping?

Last time I checked Urban Dictionary, there where over 70 definitions on camper – too many to read. But the first post is spot on:

“A term given to those in an online multiplayer game (usually FPS) who will place themselves in a strategic position and wait for an extended period of time until a target enters his field of view. The position usually allows one to surprise the target and allows the ‘camper’ to eliminate him with ease. There are variants of this such as camping an item to repeatedly gain its benefits and defending a critical location. […] It isn’t illegal to position yourself in such a way that you have an advantage, that’s smart thinking and it’s part of the game.”

Another post suggests that to avoid being labeled camper, you need to run around like a headless chicken waiting to be shot by an experienced clan gamer, whom will then call you a noob instead.

Moreover, how could people use a sniper rifle, except for quickscoping, if they weren’t allowed to look for advantage points? So hell yeah, I camp when the situation demands it (and some might say, a little more than that).

I play to win and to enjoy myself, a healthy dose of camping fits my play style. This doesn’t mean that I’m sitting in a corner every single match, waiting on a noob. As my boy Wings of Redemption truthfully put it “I do camp when I need to camp”.

Stop Trolling, Fix Lag

How do I feel about the “vanity” microtransactions in Black Ops II?

It’s all BS, fo sho. Come on now, that’s just greed talking. Treyarch needs to stop trolling and fix lag compensation.

When Call of Duty Elite Premium membership came out for Modern Warfare 3, I remember thinking that they had you pay full price for half a game, and then to pay even more to complete it. (As a common player, I never took advantage of the free Elite service, because I didn’t find it to help me step up my game at all.)

My bet is that Treyarch and Infinity Ward have already made all map packs at the launch of each game, and then just sit on ‘em to sell packs in portions during the rest of the year.

Before these Personalization Packs, you could unlock an extra Custom Class by entering Prestige Mode, a pretty fair trade. But now, you can buy such slots. I think that kills the Prestige system a little bit (seen mainly as a way to show off).

Oh yeah, another thing… They made me pre-order Black Ops II to get the Nuketown 2025 map, which they now give out for free. How fucked up is that?

I really wish there were alternatives to Call of Duty. Unfortunately there’s no real competition I know of. (Battlefield is good, yeah, but it plays very differently.) How hard could it be for other game studios to make a decent, fast paced FPS set on planet Earth?

Patch Ops

Yet another patch iteration for Black Ops 2.

I’m tired. All this nerfing and buffing to balance gameplay, I don’t get it. It’s like they’re going for a “let’s make all weapons the same”. Why is there a choice in the first place?

I’m not saying they should drop the options altogether, and have players chose between one generic assault rifle, one LMG, one sniper rifle and so on. Still, the unique features of each individual gun get less and less for each update.

Double XP Weekend? Bitch Please

So Treyarch is hosting another double XP weekend for Black Ops II across the platforms (PS3, Xbox, PC and Wii) from February 22 until February 25. This time in order to hype up the release of the upcoming Revolution map pack DLC, they say.

This really subsidies for rank boosting, and Treyarch’s policy has legal sanction. But is fucking unfair.

Only those who are able to play – on this specific and limited occasion – can take advantage of this. Generally speaking, what is the meaning of double XP? To get motherfuckers back into the multiplayer? A hype? Is that really necessary with thousands online? I guess I’d be glad if I was able to play this weekend, but I’m not. And therefore I’ll miss out on all the boosting.

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