Yesterday I went to the world premiere of Depeche Mode’s latest tour in Stockholm.

I’m not a big fan – although I do regard Violator as one of my absolute favorite albums of all time.

In the eighties and early nineties the band was exceptionally good, but post-Violator the band took a different, rockier path and was at the same time electronically outrun by others.

Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy with the new material or the choice of songs yesterday. Also, the band played David Bowie’s Heroes, and whilst it’s a good song, it’s not like Depeche Mode needs to fill out its show with covers of other artist’s songs.

This isn’t a review, so I stop here with the setlist, and next to it, a list that I’d have liked to hear:

1. Going Backwards
2. So Much Love
3. Barrel of a Gun
4. A Pain That I’m Used To
5. Corrupt
6. In Your Room
7. World in My Eyes
8. Cover Me
9. Home
10. A Question of Lust
11. Poison Heart
12. Where’s the Revolution
13. Wrong
14. Everything Counts
15. Stripped
16. Enjoy the Silence
17. Never Let Me Down Again

18. Somebody
19. Walking in My Shoes
20. Heroes
21. I Feel You
22. Personal Jesus

My preferred list:
1. Agent Orange
2. World in My Eyes
3. Walking in My Shoes
4. Behind the Wheel
5. It’s No Good
6. Dream On
7. Personal Jesus
8. Stripped
9. Everything Counts
10. Master and Servant
11. Strangelove
12. But Not Tonight
13. Photographic
14. Policy of Truth
15. Wrong
16. In Your Room
17. Enjoy the Silence

My preferred encore:
18. Black Celebration
19. Higher Love
20. Clean
21. A Question of Time
22. Never Let Me Down Again