I’m switching to Ableton Live from Propellerhead Reason. There are several causes for this.

In short, nowadays I’m using mostly hardware synths and Ableton Live is more paramount and flexible when it comes to integrating hardware.

Reason’s core softsynths are still good, but I’m using them less and less, and I’ve grown tired of certain limitations and the workflow. So going to a different DAW is a good remedy for that. And I can still rewire (connect) Reason to Live.

And working with up-to-date “real” plugins is so much deeper and at the same time a bit exhausting.

Although none of these thing are new, the last few iterations of Reason (version 8 and 9) are clearly focused on bringing in newcomers without trying to keep more seasoned users.

For me, switching DAW is both fun and challenging. Of course there’s all this learning to be done. But it’s also fun. And it’s really not that hard, it could just seem a bit daunting at first, but there’s great help online nowadays with countless forums and tutorials. Right now I’m on some kind of trial period, and a lot of time is spent trying to connect and run hardware with software, but I think the new main DAW will be inspiring and push my music productions further.