My year with the PS4 so far. Currently I’m playing Dark Souls III, Uncharted 4 and last year’s Metal Gear Solid V, which to me is a bit disappointing. The other two games, well, let’s just say that they are perfect.

I’ve “finished” Fallout 4, and seen two out of four endings. In short, Fallout 4, is just (much) more Fallout, but not in a good way, like Uncharted 4 or Dark Souls III.

The Division was alright up to a point, the end game (read: multiplayer) became boring and I’m not really into grinding for better loot and gear, I think I like match-based multiplayers more.

I’m looking forward to Battlefield 1, which should be the best multiplayer ever made.

And let’s hope the rumored PlayStation NEO 4K/PlayStation 4.5 or whatever it’s going to be called will be great.