This blog is about music production and gaming. And I live in Stockholm, Sweden. You might now this if you’re following the blog. But did you know that I live in the same part of the city (Södermalm that is) as several of the famous Swedish manufacturers? Of course it doesn’t mean anything, there’s no synergy or anything, just a fun fact.

Teenage Engineering is only 240 m away. And I pass DICE, 1.8 km from home, every day going to work (some years ago I work at a news agency in the same actual building). Clavia is in the same area too, 1.1 km from home. Propellerhead Software is located 4 km, a bit further west, still on the same island. Moreover, Mojang is 2.7 km from home and 600 m from my job.

Only Elektron is located in the second biggest city of Sweden, Gothenburg (Göteborg), and Massive Entertainment is situated in the third biggest city, Malmö. SoundCloud started in Stockholm but moved to Berlin, Germany.

Maybe I forgot some companies, like Spotify and whatnot, however, it’s a small capital and a small country.