I promised a piece about synthesizing drum sounds, well, I’m still working on it (I’m testing the theory on different synths), it should be finished later this week. In the meanwhile, here’s a studio update.

I’ve just replaced my powered monitor speakers, the Yamaha HS 50M and the subwoofer HS 10W, with the Genelec 8030A.

I got a used pair of the discontinued model for a good price. And I’d say that speaker technology probably haven’t changed that much and the 8030s were built to last. For example, the only difference between model A and B is the Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) which is an auto-sleep/wake function.

Moreover, I’m very familiar with how the 8030Bs sound from my job. However in my bedroom environment, the 8030s act a little differently. Could be I’m just used to the old setup, with all its bass traps and other flaws.

The 8030s are more accurate than the HS 50Ms, but paired with the HS 10W subwoofer, the low-end response of the 8030s is much less.

Now it seems to be possible to use the old subwoofer with the 8030s for more precise monitoring of low frequency content. I could achieve smooth integration by switching on the bass roll-off, and high-pass filtering at 85 Hz on the 8030s, that should complement the low-pass filter on the subwoofer at 85 Hz. But then again, this room isn’t suitable for a subwoofer, so I better learn how to mix shit without it.