For me gaming last half-year has been filled with single player sword fighting. (I miss playing with friends and I miss shooting in first person.)


It started off with Dragon Age: Inquisition by the end of last year. I was playing as a rogue with double daggers.

DAI was pretty huge but full of meaningless quests of the sort: kill 5 enemies and collect award, gather 10 herbs and collect award… The stories and characters were okay but not fantastic in any way.

More Swords

Then came Bloodborne – and it was fantastic. The swords were presented as trick weapons that could be transform for different attacks.

Everything about this game was just great: the story and plot, the art direction, the level design, the game mechanics, the voice acting, the thrills.

I’m on my third playthrough now.

Swords Revisited

My third installment of sword swinging games was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There were two swords – one of steel and one of silver – to chose from for fighting human and beasts, but that whole thing was merely a gimmick.

I haven’t yet finished The Witcher 3 (I’m on level 22 or so) but so far I’m not that impressed. Yeah it’s huge, and there are endless of loot, and some side quests are deep and intriguing, but most of them go on and on and only grows tiresome. There are just too many things I’m critical of this game, albeit subjective opinions, e.g. juvenile language, writing and stylistics.

Anyway, I hope that the next game for me doesn’t involve swords, just gimme a gun man.