So I finally got an Arturia MiniBrute Mk I today. (I actually got both the MiniBrute and the MicroBrute for what it’s worth, but I’ll return the latter to the store tomorrow.)

It wasn’t easy to decide which one to pick, the Micro, the Mini or any of the SEs. But I looked around, checked Gearslutz, reddit and other forums and came to the conclusion that the MiniBrute seems to be the best choice, at least for me. Perhaps the SE would fit better – because I’d rather have a sequencer than an arpeggiator, but when it all comes down, I need neither of them.

The Micro

While I prefer the size of the MicroBrute, I think the MiniBrute feels sturdier, more heavy duty. The keys are nice, but I don’t mind mini-keys, and I really don’t need another full-size keybed portion (I’m obviously not in the target group for this synth).

Other advantage the MicroBrute might have over the MiniBrute – besides the price – is the patch bay. Although you’re able to do most things on the MiniBrute with its extra encoders; except CV Out LFO and envelope and such, but I don’t have, and I’m not planning to get, any modular system.) Actually, I think the MiniBrute has more modulation options and flexibility than the MicroBrute.

Okay, the overtone control that allows pitch changing and that could be modulated via the mod matrix, would of course be nice. But I’m good with the sub oscillator of the MiniBrute – and it does cover another octave and offer both sinus and square wave.

The Mini

So the reasons to choose MiniBrute wasn’t the semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch. No, what appealed to me were: separate ADSR envelopes for filter and amplification, an extra filter type (notch), white noise, three additional LFO waveforms, an extra LFO and maybe MIDI Out. I think these things make the MiniBrute a greater, and more versatile synth.

I chose a Brute synth from Arturia because I’ve heard that they have a distinctive voice and filter character, and this purchase was supposed to complement my other gear. Also, I wanted an analog synthesis that couldn’t be found anywhere digital roams.