It’s hard to say for how long I’ve played Bloodborne. The timestamp isn’t reliable, because there’s no pause. But I’ve killed a couple of bosses, eight I think.

And yes, I’ve cheated, and therefore I might not rightfully be entitled to write about the game… I do it anyway.

Bloodborne is too damn hard. Autosaving checkpoints are few and far between. I know, I miss “the thing” with these games – the great reward after a great struggle and shit. Well, in short, I don’t have time to invest and it’s not my idea of having fun to repeat a gaming sequence in absurdum. (I can, however, sympathize with the mechanism if it had to do with something important in real life, but this is merely a video game for fuck’s sake.)

Anyhow, I’m not writing to tell you only this, no I wanna say that I really like Bloodborne, even if my playthrough is an abuse of sorts.

It’s a beautiful game. It’s one of the best looking games on the PS4. I like the gothic aesthetics and the profound art direction, it’s extraordinary, and don’t mind any bitter review of the graphics.

The controls are responsive and the game mechanics are satisfying. You’ll need to learn and practice a few tricks to master your techniques, which is only fair. Then you need to study your opponent, know your enemy to be successful in battle.

And the level design is fantastic. Things are connected. There’s no map, no compass. You’re on your own, and it’s great to explore the world. Bloodborne isn’t sandbox-wide, but it’s still pretty open with lots of junctions and different routes.

So far the story and lore is great. As the mystery unravels, anything can still happen.