I think I’m done with Dragon Age: Inquisition, at least for now. Finally, after a hundred hours and thousands of foes slain.

Now, was it all worth it? Well, let me put it like this: the game’s scope is its bless and curse.

For obvious reasons you don’t want a small or limited RPG. You want a big game, right? And DAI is enormous with lots of locations, missions, loot, collectables and what have you.

You could spend hours doing side quests and investigating shit – not advancing the main story at all. And here lies some of the game’s charm: to be totally buried in its lore.

But a world this big is populated with so much stuff it hurts.

I mean, how many of these hours are well-spent? Some quests are pretty pointless – and being that special chosen one, whom you are, the Inquisitor and all – well, collection plants for some random dude in the forest isn’t really worthy your royal lifestyle, nor does it make you feel any heroic.

For sure, many hours are spent on collecting a certain amount of a certain item, killing a certain number of enemies et cetera. In short, DAI is full of nonsense that isn’t very interesting to do. And If you’re a grown up, playing a game of this reach is surly a time investment. With all (intruding) responsibilities in everyday life, playtime is lacking nowadays.

Still, like many suckers before me, I ended up doing plenty meaningless side quests – not because the were any fun, but because the completionist in me demanded it.

Anyway, DAI was kinda great, but in a way I’m glad it’s over (for this time).