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February 2015

I had this old Roland Juno-106 (analog hardware) for years, that I never used. But I now made this experiment with it. It only took me two nights to finish. It’s written in Phrygian dominant scale in D, 120 BPM, and sounds pretty vacant. Dedicated to my gal, M. Enjoy.


An Unworthy Hardline

I’ve played six and a half hour of Battlefield Hardline and reckon I’m entitled to say something: the game sucks!

It’s not that the game is particularly buggy, unpolished or broken. Nah, it has to do with the feeling that this isn’t a standalone full game. It feels more like a DLC expansion, or worse, like a
homemade mod. It’s Battlefield alright, in a new costume – but a costume that
fit the game series badly.


While the singleplayer campaign may be
good, the Battlefield series has always been about multiplayer.

There’s a couple of new game modes
(Heist and Hotwire), the areas of engagement are more focused; 150 meters
between the flags in Conquest mode et cetera.

The engine and mechanics runs quite the
same as in Battlefield 4, no apparent tweaks. At the same time they say that
Hardline is the fastest Battlefield ever made. Maybe that’s true, but the speed
buff is really nothing compared to the boost from Ghosts to Advanced Warfare. (On
top of that, any given Call of Duty is much faster-paced than this.)

Vehicles play a big part in every Battlefield,
but mostly if they’re armed. And the unarmed cars are fast but also plain ugly
– stiff polygon boxes floating around. This is far from GTA.

Okay, maybe I’m being too hard on
Visceral’s effort, this is only a preview. But remember that “open beta” multiplayers
tends to actually be the final releases these days, well minus the 1.01 updated
with minor fixes which is released the same day as the game hits the stores. (One
could even argue that “open betas” have come to replace many limited
pre-releases that before were labeled “demos”, but that’s another discussion.)

Lastly, this cop and robber theme is
just ridiculous. What the fuck were they thinking? This is war man, who wanna
be a cop anyway? Not to even mention the police brutality and stupidness of the
context itself.

On every level, DICE’s originals are
better, this is just sell out. Usually I don’t give a damn about trademarks,
but Hardline is unworthy the Battlefield brand.

That being said, I guess Hardline will
sell like hot cakes, and if my buddies will decide to pick this game up, so
will I.

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