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January 2015

A sniper montage of three Public Matches from yesterday. A pretty long video with almost everything: quickscope, dragscope, hardscope, killcam, multi feed, double kill, hitmark, follow-up shot, headshot, misses, glitches, camping… This video also includes my loadout and not so impressive stats as of today – yes, I think the game is hard.



Today this blog turns two years. Thanks for all support.

Create a Class


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare features a total of 34 weapons. Still everybody seems to choose the same few guns on Public Matches. Talking about Primary weapons, nowadays most people use the Bal-27 Assault Rifle, the ASM1 Submachine Gun or the MORS Sniper Rifle, and their variants. (Variants can be unlocked in Supply Drops.) Before, many ran with the AK12 Assault Rifle and the KF5 Submachine Gun.

Of course you see other guns in the game, like SN6 Submachine Gun, Atlas 20mm Sniper Rifle or Bulldog Shotgun, but those weapons are not as common.

So, let’s start with a few class suggestions:

The Generic Assault Classes

  • Primary: AK12.
  • Attachments: Red Dot Sight (precision sight), Stock (move faster when aiming down the sights), Suppressor (invisible on enemy mini-maps when firing).
  • Note: The AK12 has very low recoil, meaning you don’t need Foregrip (vertical foregrip for reduced recoil). Remember, generally Foregrip helps a lot.
  • Primary: Bal-27.
  • Attachments: Stock, Foregrip, Suppressor.
  • Note: The Bal-27 seems to be the most popular gun in Advanced Warfare multiplayer, and not without reasons.

The Quickscope Sniper Classes

  • Primary: MORS.
  • Attachments: Ballistic CPU (reduces sway when aiming through the scope).
  • Note: As of today, regular sniper sights are broken (read: off center). Therefore you could pick Variable Zoom Scope (a variable zoom scope with 3 levels of zoom) for a proper align sight, but you can’t have this and the Ballistic CPU. Also, the zoom levels differ from the default scope. Quickscoping in Advanced Warfare is real, but is more of a glitch and some connoisseurs call it Blackscoping, due to the small (and black) timeframe when you scope in. Although in practice it works quite the same. You might as well chose a variant, like MORS – Pummeler with -1 Damage, -1 Accuracy, but with +1 Fire Rate, +1 Handling. However, Damage doesn’t seem to drop, so this variant is a one shot kill on the torso and head.

The Rush SMG Classes

  • Primary: KF5.
  • Attachments: Red Dot Sight, Foregrip, Suppressor.
  • Note: This SMG has good Range for its class. Bear in mind that you don’t need Stock on any of the SMGs.
  • Primary: ASM1.
  • Attachments: Foregrip, Suppressor, Rapid Fire (increased fire rate).
  • Note: You could choose a variant of the weapon, like the ASM1 – Rigor, and get +2 Accuracy and -2 Handling. And with Foregrip you get another +2 Accuracy, meaning you could chose Rapid Fire to get the +2 Fire Rate (+25% rate of fire), and take the -2 Accuracy (-15% recoil) penalty and still go positive on Accuracy.

Balance Your Weapon

Actually, you could try to counter any reduction on your weapons by adding Attachments. E.g. on the Bal-27 – Obsidian Steed (which has increased Damage but reduced Accuracy), put Foregrip and perhaps Red Dot Sight to even out the Accuracy nerf.

Perk Management

There are 13 slots to be filled with a combination of everything, and you need to make your decision based on your play style. Usually, I pick three Wildcards to max the Primary weapon and Perks, sacrificing Scorestreaks.

If I’m to choose only one Scorestreak, I’d pick System Hack (an autonomous cyber attack that disables enemy HUD, radar, and reticles).

  • Wildcard 1: Primary Gunfighter (take a third Primary attachment).
  • Wildcard 2: Perk 1 Greed (take a second Perk 1).
  • Wildcard 3: Perk 3 Greed (take a second Perk 3).
  • Perk 1: Lightweight (move faster), Low Profile (invisible to UAVs, Tracking Rounds, and Exo Ping).
  • Perk 2: Cold-Blooded (immune to Thermal, Target Enhancer, Threat Grenade, and enemy call outs. No name or reticle color change when targeted).
  • Perk 3: Toughness (flinch less when shot), Hard Wired (immune to System Hack, EMP, Nano Swarms, Stun Grenades, and Scramblers. Scorestreaks remain vulnerable).

Exo Suits and Vertical Maps

In brief, the major change from earlier Call of Duty games is how you move. With the Exo abilities you can jump, dash, dodge, slam, slide and fuck around in several new ways. Also the map structures are adapted for this; routes of navigation are increased verticality, and you need to watch the rooftops more than before.

A final tip is to try to learn how to boost jump and shoot – you will need to adjust to the new pace to be successful.

Better Controls of GTA V

In spite of all loading downtime, GTA Online on PS4 is quite fun. Actually I got the PS3 version last year, but I’m now revisiting Blaine County due to all my friends who got the new PS4 edition.

Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t bring anything particular new. Of course it’s the best looking game in the series, but we know the hustle all too well – but that’s alright.

The fifth part does, however, present GTA in First Person Mode. Whilst this mode in itself is a bit overrated it’s a fun addition to the game. And with it, Rockstar Games patched the settings some time ago, enabling Deadzone and Acceleration to be controlled among other things.

I recommend you to tweak these settings. This post is really about that.

For example, to make aiming more responsive, turn the Deadzone slider all the way down:

Options > Settings > Controls > Third Person Aim/Look Deadzone > 0%

And if you think the controls are on the slow side, or that the movements are too heavy, then set the Acceleration all the way up.

Options > Settings > Controls > Third Person Aim/Look Acceleration > 100%

Also in Third Person Mode, you might, as I, prefer a higher Sensitivity to go these settings above:

Options > Settings > Controls > Third Person Look-Around Sensitivity > 60-70%
Options > Settings > Controls > Third Person Aiming Sensitivity > 60-70%

If you like other first person shooters, then you might gain from a more generic configuration that is familiar to you:

Options > Settings > Controls > First Person Control Type > Standard FPS

And as in Third Person Mode, I like a higher Sensitivity on First Person Mode:

Options > Settings > Controls > First Person Look-Around Sensitivity > 60-70%
Options > Settings > Controls > First Person Aiming Sensitivity > 60-70%
Options > Settings > Controls > First Person Aim/Look Deadzone > 0%
Options > Settings > Controls > First Person Aim/Look Acceleration > 100%

If you want to turn off the auto-pan and have total control of your point of view:

Options > Settings > Controls > First Person Auto Level Camera > Off

Correspondingly, there are some things (I think) you should turn off:

Options > Settings > Controls > First Person Ragdoll > Off
Options > Settings > Controls > First Person Combat Roll > Off
Options > Settings > Controls > First Person Head Bobbing > Off

And if you wanna switch to Third Person Mode when you move into cover (to be able to see shit):

Options > Settings > Controls > First Person Third Person Cover > On

I also like to zoom sniper rifles with the Left Stick, which is faster, but the trade off is that you can’t move while scoped in:

Options > Settings > Controls > Allow Movement With Sniper > Off

If you want to play First Person Mode on foot and Third Person Mode while driving (or vice versa) and want the game to automatically change viewpoint, you can do that by standing next to a vehicle in First Person Mode and set:

Options > Settings > Display > Allow Independent Camera Modes > On

Then enter the vehicle and switch to Third Person Mode. The game has now learned the preferred camera angle.

Other Tips
Take some time to learn the sniper rifles. My experience of Free Mode is that you’re likely to get trolled by snipers far away, and the best counter-attack is to take out the sniper with a sniper rifle.

Don’t use suppressor on your sniper rifle (loses power) but on every other gun.

While shooting (not sniper rifles), lift the aim slightly to hit the head for a faster time to kill; the Assisted Aim usually places the shot lower, on the body.

Also, set a better Targeting Priority to avoid friendly fire:

Touch Pad (Interaction Menu) > Player Targeting Priority > Strangers

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