Some time ago, Battlefield 4 got a new add-on and an update. One could almost argue that the DLC with its shiny…

  • new title,
  • (four) new infantry-focused maps,
  • new game mode,
  • new Trophies/Achievements,
  • new weapons and gadgets,

…paired with the so called Fall Update, that patched…

  • several core changes,
  • rebalanced stats,
  • brought back old game modes and
  • made many customization options tweakable to just mention a few fine tuning for the player experience,

…almost sounds like a whole new game. But it’s not. Quite the opposite – we’re nearing the end of its life cycle.

Epic conclusion or not, in my opinion, Battlefield 4 turned out to be a very good multiplayer game, it took some time, but over the year Ive had so much fun with it.

Now, what will Battlefield Hardline bring other than a new cops and criminals theme?