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November 2014

My Stats Don’t Show Me Love

First things first, Call of Duty has always been a difficult game around midnight on Fridays – that’s when all the hardcore gamers unite and take over.

And that’s when casual gamers (like yours truly) drinks a glass of wine and competes with kids worldwide for accuracy and reaction time. Not so clever. And yes, Advanced Warfare is very punishable.


At the time of writing my K/D ratio is 0.93 with eleven and a halv hours online. To me the figures are poor, a drop from my usual 1.1-1.3 in earlier Call of Duty games (over 1.5 in Black Ops II). It is what it is, and you may of course think whatever you like about K/D as a yardstick.

In AW it’s not so much about who sees who first, as before in previous games. The time to kill (TTK) is relatively long. Instead you need to aim well (headshot or upper body, that is). In other words, precision is rewarded as much as reflexes.

Although AW is a fast paced game. Camping is dead and even the not-strictly-rush-classes are fast and furious.

Traditional drop shots still work surprisingly well in AW, and to me they are more plausible than the panic state of badly controlled boost abilities.

Sniping is damn awesome in AW. Don’t know what it is. There are many indications that sniping should be awful: (A) Quickscoping is totally nerfed, (B) the bullet doesn’t shoot straight, but off center, (C) there is a disproportionate amount of sway aiming down the sight. And of course, the enemies move much faster and more erratic than ever. Still, it doesn’t feel too hard to hit a running target. It takes some practice, possibly.

I don’t have any good advices, but I suggest you adopt an aggressive play style and forget about camping altogether. I think that is one of the most important things to do, to dominate in AW – but then again, my stats don’t show me love.


Some early sniper gameplay of Call of Duty: Advance Warfare. Montage, no quad feeds, trick shot or anything. Sorry about that. Mostly hard and dragscoping, one quickscope. Recorded at 720p30 (using the integrated capturing of PS4 Share), which means the game actually looksat least twice as pretty. So why did I even bother uploading this? Fuck me.

Before Final Stand

Some time ago, Battlefield 4 got a new add-on and an update. One could almost argue that the DLC with its shiny…

  • new title,
  • (four) new infantry-focused maps,
  • new game mode,
  • new Trophies/Achievements,
  • new weapons and gadgets,

…paired with the so called Fall Update, that patched…

  • several core changes,
  • rebalanced stats,
  • brought back old game modes and
  • made many customization options tweakable to just mention a few fine tuning for the player experience,

…almost sounds like a whole new game. But it’s not. Quite the opposite – we’re nearing the end of its life cycle.

Epic conclusion or not, in my opinion, Battlefield 4 turned out to be a very good multiplayer game, it took some time, but over the year Ive had so much fun with it.

Now, what will Battlefield Hardline bring other than a new cops and criminals theme?

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