Where’s Propellerhead at? The company wanna help musicians make more and better music – “this goal defines us”, it says. True, that’s honorable and ambitious but is Propellerhead on the right path?

The Reason 8 upgrade ships on September 30th and brings, ehum, a new browser and drag and drop support. I’m not convinced, to say the least. Come on now, this is an insignificant achievement in comparison, and in these days of responsive user interfaces.

Then we got Propellerhead’s app Take. For real? It’s just redundant and I just can’t see the need of such for anyone.

The recent in-house racks, A-List Acoustic Guitarist and A-List Electric Guitarist – Power Chords, address to whom? One could argue that earlier racks have been tailored first of all to beatmakers, singers, sound designers. Not to mention the focus on the experimentalists with Reason’s whole modular core design of tweaking one’s own audio signal paths. But these A-List racks? I dunno… And as an electronic musician I’m neither interested in pre-fab guitars nor sounding like undistinguished commercial radio hits. Moreover, I believe real guitarists would rather record their own shit, and then layer and comp takes in the sequencer.

So what’s going on? Is this Propellerhead shifting from professional to consumer (much like Apple did with Final Cut Pro X). I might be wrong, I hope I’m wrong.

Except for a few flaws – like inability to customize shortcuts and program macros – Reason 7 has been a great DAW with its relatively versatile set of rack extensions.

It seems to me that, what we see now is Propellerhead lacking of real innovative ideas to push things further.