I don’t think too many of you give a damn, but as you can see, I just updated the blog. I programmed for two days – yeah I made the bleeding theme. (At this point, I didn’t bother designing responsively, if you’re on a mobile or such, the blog should pretty much look the same as before.)

I also took the opportunity to change the blog’s title from Pälsen’s Camp to the sexier Holy Bot (but don’t worry, even if I own the right Tumblr URL, I won’t change it and break all your links, at least not for now). And I’m still Pälsen.

So let’s continue this journey, the subjects will still be the same, they just got a new cover.

Oh yeah, the pretty girl on the banner is Sean Young from the film Bladerunner (1982) by Ridley Scott. I like that movie and I thought it was an appropriate image fitting this shit like hand in glove.