Easter and shit. I traveled to my old folks’ joint and took a stroll down memory lane. I actually found the very first song I ever recorded. It’s dated back to 1990 and I was just a kid. This was before I knew anything musically, or anything about anything for what it matters.

I had a Commodore Amiga 500 running with 512 Kb RAM at the time, but mostly played video games and drew graphics on Deluxe Paint.

Anyway, the song is called The One – very original indeed – and written in C major. It’s composed with seemingly random samples, including a flute (!) and sequenced on NoiseTracker or ProTracker. These programs offer only four channels of 8-bit sounds, two to the hard left and two to the right. (Read more about the technical wonders of the computer and software on internet.)

This is as it sounded back then, I didn’t re-master it or anything, just converted it to MP3. Remember, everybody has to start somewhere. I bet your first shit wasn’t that dope either, and I dare you to publish it like this.