Okay, so I haven’t tried every single combination but quite many. Here are my preferred classes for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Shit will surly change over time, but until this day, I run these loadouts.

Proclaimer: In this post I only go through my Main Class, in part two I’ll brief on the other useful classes, e.g. Sniper Class, Fail-Safe Class, Rush Class, Hardcore Class and FFA Class. These classes are base on my personal play style; you may find some other loadout to be a better fit for you.

Also, before the big sniper nerf in the end of December last year, I extensively used the Sniper Rifles, mostly the USR and L115. (They shouldn’t have nerfed ‘em, it was unfortunate.) Another gun I used in the beginning – which actually was overpowered – was the MSBS. In this case I think the game balance patch was well-founded.

Let’s get to it.

The Main Class


Primary: MK14 EBR (Silencer, Armor-Piercing)
Secondary: P226 (Muzzle Brake)
Lethal: I.E.D.
Perks: Sleight of Hand, Off the Grid, Scavenger, Focus
Strike Package: Assault (Guard Dog, Sentry Gun, Gryphon)

The Marksman Rifle is pretty new to me, but right now I play 90 percent with this gun. It’s a bit like the XPR-50 from Black Ops II. You can play offensively with the MK14 EBR or at least move from cover to cover (but try to have some distance to the enemy because you can’t quickscope without headshots and dedicated perks). It’s semi-automatic and hasn’t the fastest Fire Rate among the Marksman Rifles, but the highest Damage, which compensate a little for the Silencer. The Armor-Piercing rounds is good when shooting through materials. (The Burst Fire attachment isn’t very useful, it’s too slow, you can easily fire faster manually with your trigger finger.)

For me the P226 with Muzzle Brake is goto standard Secondary. It performs well in close combat and stressful situations.

I never run Tactical equipment, but Lethal. The I.E.D. is somewhat overpowered because it’s so hard to see. It doesn’t always render a kill, but you’ll hear when it goes off and that’d give you heads up.

As for the Perks I go with the Sleight of Hand because I usually fuck up the reload cancelling. Off the Grid works well if you camp or try to be stealthy. Scavenger is necessary if you don’t wanna run outta ammo. With the MK14 EBR you are likely to move between advantage points so you won’t need Fully Loaded. Focus is good on all guns, just use it.

The Assault Strike Package is set from low to mid killstreaks – I usually don’t get 15 kills without dying at least once. The Guard Dog is okay. Actually my dog usually doesn’t get that many kills, if any, while others dogs jump on me all the time. The Sentry Gun is not the best killstreak, but placed on the right location, it could do some good. The Gryphon is fun but it lasts short and you’ll be exposed while flying around.

That’s the first class setup. In part two you’ll get the rest.