I’ve been pondering on Ghosts some, let’s be real about this game, it is camper’s paradise.

The game has large maps and people are playing more defensively, there are less up-close gun fights due to the high damage weapons – you die so fast – and people are afraid to go out in the open.

Legendary quickscoper Faze Kross seems to share my view on this matter and also presents an idea that the reason you see more campers on Xbox One [and PS4], could also have to do with that it’s (so far) mainly older and “smarter” players on the expensive next-gen. (There’s like ten times more players on the old systems.)

And big boy camper Wings of Redemption embraces Ghosts, he calls it a new kinda shooter, and says “it fits my style better than most things […] I do like to camp a lot.”

I’m in two minds here. Some people claimed I’m in the camping boat, and I do like a more conservative play style, but then again, I’m not alone, which means that every motherfucker is waiting on a noob in a dark corner with a guard dog watching their backs. And the pace of the whole gameplay suffers from this.

P.S. I put an image of the PlayStation 4 teardown on this post, not really related though.