Here’s a little tip to make your bass gritty as fuck. I’m not sure what to call it, and I usually don’t do this myself. But if you haven’t already, I suggest you give it a try.

Well the trick is to layer a foley sample on top and process it to blend with your killer bass, this will hopefully render a high end, wet texture. The bass itself should of course be sounding pretty good from the get go and have some nice movements.

Okay then, find some foley sample on the internet or record it yourself; try fry some eggs or crumple a piece of paper.

  1. Put your sample in a sampler or on an audio track and play the sample together with the bass, try to match the spikes on the audio recording with the movements in the bass. You might as well time stretch a bit for a better fit.
  2. Filter out the low end of the sample, you really just need the high mid frequencies.
  3. Insert a vocoder on the sample, meaning connect it as carrier. Split the bass output and route the bass to the modulator input. Experiment with the band count and the formant shift of the vocoder. Anyway, the tone of the sample will now follow the bass.
  4. Add a compressor (with quite high ratio) to the process chain of the sample to reduce its dynamic range.

Well that’s all for today. As I said before, I prefer to program my synths fat enough on their own, so they won’t need these fake layers. But then again, anything goes. Now go out kill.