It hasn’t been a week since the European launch of PlayStation 4, and here are my first impressions. Firstly, let me tell you guys that I guess I will play and I guess I will enjoy the PS4, but it is a small step, far from the giant leap PS3 represented when replacing PS2.

The console itself, well, it’s black and kinda nice looking if you’re into edges. The full installment of games makes it feel a lot faster than the old system.

You need now to pay for multiplayer online, but it’s kinda reasonable priced.

My headset (Turtle Beach PX5) works, but I heard not all headsets work. There’s a rumour of a patch in January for Sony’s line of Bluetooth headsets.

The newly tweaked DUALSHOCK4 felt a bit stiff at first, but it’ll soften over time, and I’m already now getting used to it.

At present I’ve only played, ehum, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and it looks not better that Modern Warfare 2 from 2009. But hopefully the next iteration of games will push to the limit. (Remember, this happened on PS3, e.g. Uncharted looked cool and showed some great potential back in 2007, but it was with the second part, two years later, the game studio really nailed it.)

Anyway, Ghosts is a disappointment. It’s just a another Call of Duty game. Pretty standard. Still, I’ll continue to play multiplayer for some time.

I haven’t yet finished the story, but so far it’s a classic setup: a chosen few — the motherfucking best of the best — goes up against an anonymous enemy. Nothing new. I’m convinced the campaigns of Call of Duty serve, first and foremost, as a graphical showreel, as an interactive tech demo, and the narrative is left in the hands of this purpose. Whatever.

I’ve played less than ten hours of multiplayer, but it’s pretty good. A bit different from before: larger maps, longer distances, more camping, less shotties. I’m sure I’ll have reason to revisit this subject.