I’ve been working professionally on the video editing suite Final Cut Pro since like 2006, but due to Apple abandoning the development in 2010 – and continued with the awful FCPX – I stayed true to the outdated tradition, mostly at the expense of myself.

Now, and this is day two, I’m moving over to Premiere Pro. You could call it a paradigm shift. It’s really too early to tell what will come out of it, but so far it works out pretty well for me. You know, the general know-how stays even if the equipment or instruments change.

As a DAW comparison, I tried quite a few, but have mostly been using Cubase and Logic Pro. But last summer, when Reason 6.5 was release I did switch. I was sound designing most shit with Thor anyway, and I though it was an unnecessary step to translate the automations in Logic as a host. And with Reason 7, I now think that software offers most things a bedroom producer like me, could ask for.