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October 2013

Switching Teams

I’ve been working professionally on the video editing suite Final Cut Pro since like 2006, but due to Apple abandoning the development in 2010 – and continued with the awful FCPX – I stayed true to the outdated tradition, mostly at the expense of myself.

Now, and this is day two, I’m moving over to Premiere Pro. You could call it a paradigm shift. It’s really too early to tell what will come out of it, but so far it works out pretty well for me. You know, the general know-how stays even if the equipment or instruments change.

As a DAW comparison, I tried quite a few, but have mostly been using Cubase and Logic Pro. But last summer, when Reason 6.5 was release I did switch. I was sound designing most shit with Thor anyway, and I though it was an unnecessary step to translate the automations in Logic as a host. And with Reason 7, I now think that software offers most things a bedroom producer like me, could ask for.


Music Wants To Be Free

I put my music available for free online. I’m not telling you that you should do it too, but if you’re an aspiring musician, you may need to find alternative ways to promote yourself – exposure is everything (at least at this point).

For me, music is simply a hobby. I make dough elsewhere, so there’s no incitement to make profit selling shit. But would I do it if I could? Well, let’s have that conversation if the situation occurs.

Some people dream of being recording artists, who are able to make a living on music. That’s legit, one ought to respect that.

But to me, making music needs no pressure like that. If I was to get paid, I think I’d feel obliged to make quality stuff all the time, but now as it is, I can kick it however I like and in my own fucking pace. Knowing what they say about business or pleasure.

I like composing and sound designing. The premise is simple: I like as many as possible to hear my music, and that’s about it. Goodlooking yo.

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