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June 2013

Quality Doesn’t Count in Decibels

I find lots of good music on SoundCloud. It’s really a fine resource.

I like all sorts of music, really. There’s a time and place for everything, right? And there are good and bad shit in all genres. But on SoundCloud, I tend to listen mostly to hip hop and dubstep, don’t know why.

Usually I look for unsigned acts and bedroom producers, not indie per se but still very underground, struggling artists, so to speak. The major ones you can find elsewhere.


A thing that differs a good song from a not so good, is the sound design quality. I’m not talking about volume here. Of course loud tracks stick out, but quality doesn’t count in decibels.

Here’s a random list of songs (which doesn’t reflect the whole spectrum of my taste in music nor is it complete in any sense). I think this shit is fucking awesome. Sometimes it’s the songwriting skills and sometimes the production value. Sometimes the performance and sometimes everything. Shout out to y’all!

P.S. If you’ve ever wondered how a mediocre producer could have thousands of plays and comments, read Terry Matthew’s article about the exploits using bots and fake followers to juice up stats.


Thoughts on The Last of Us (Spoiler Free)

Some days ago I finished playing through The Last of Us. I must say I enjoyed that journey, pretty much so.

But I figure the game isn’t for everybody. For example, among my Call of Duty crew, half of them diss The Last of Us, because they rather drive fast, shoot fast, live fast and die young. Yeah, you play shooters together with your homies over and over again, for hundreds of hours. Hail to the clan! Whilst The Last of Us is more like a season or two of a TV series, that lasts for around 15 hours.

And having seen a couple of zombie flicks (and played a couple of post-apocalyptic video games), you should be quite familiar with the premises and settings. Some events here may even seem a bit predictable. But the game’s take on the genre and the scale of it, is mostly impressive. And the craft and artwork is just fantastic.

This is character-driven storytelling at its best. And the characters, their motives and reactions are believable, I think. At least the voice acting and motion captures are perfect.

The game doesn’t play like Uncharted or Gears of War. The graphics might look like a mixture of these titles, but there’s no spraying and praying. Actually not much shooting at all. Instead, patience is golden; you’ll spend most of your time sneaking, finding spots and waiting for the right moment to take down the foes.

The Last of Us has bittersweet mood, perhaps a bit like Red Dead Redemption.

The game also offers online multiplayer, called Factions. I just tried it out for like twenty minutes, therefore I’m not in a position to adequately review it. Though my first impression is, that the stealth and strategic approach doesn’t translate that well to multiplayer gameplay. But that’s just me – remember, I like fast paced FPS.

Here’s an easy way out: if you want something more in depth, read Kirk Hamilton’s well-written review, which shares many of my opinions of the game.

Grand Theft In Our Auto

A lot of people has been covering the E3 2013 (with the Xbox One and the PS4 presentations) and the recent Apple Keynote, so I’m gonna talk about something else.

We went on a birthday party outside of Nice, France. A great party, a great week actually. We drove from Marseille via the Côte d’Azur, the French Riviera, trough Hyères, Saint-Tropez, Cannes and back to Nice.

But on the last day – just a couple of hours before our take off towards Stockholm – someone broke into our rented car. We lost our carry-on, including my Retina MacBook Pro with all my personal shit and song projects. I’m really not happy about it.

So much lost. Maybe I’m able to reconstruct some of its content from random backups like a patchwork, but not completely.

Now I’m thinking of getting the newly released MacBook Air and perhaps wait for the upgraded MacBook Pro. Does anyone know when the new Haswell will come? Also, MacRumors claims one should wait, due to it’s approaching the end of a cycle.

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