Okay, so a new generation of Xbox was revealed the other day, presented as an all-in-one entertainment system. But why, do we really need that?

We don’t sit on the sofa in front of the big screen to browse the web or to chat with friends. We got smartphones, pads/tablets and laptops for that. We got Facebook for social networking on our mobile devices. And guess what, I’m already able to watch TV (and video streams) on my TV. I don’t need an Xbox One for that.

All-in-one systems – now that’s just retarded. Focus motherfuckers! In short, I don’t need a single gadget for all this crap.

I want a dedicated gaming console with top notch hardware from the future.

I’d rather have stunning 4K resolution running at 120 frames per second, SSD drive with no loading times, multiplayer where I can actually find and join my friends, perhaps talk to ‘em over some high quality in-game VOIP, and play without lag. Bitch please, no more lag!

In my humble opinion, this whole centralized multimedia concept isn’t the right path. Gimme something shiny, solely to play beautiful games on.

P. S. It’s not like I’m a PlayStation fanboy or something; I think both of the next-gen consoles will include a great deal of social networks and perform quite the same.