So we had this PS3 LAN session this Saturday. We were six guys gathered at an office to play Call of Duty for 13 hours straight. Nerdy? Yessir, very much.

We played Black Ops II for the most part, but also some Modern Warfare 3. We fucked around in some private matches, such as Free-For-All with sniper rifles or semi-automatic handguns only. And then we went out on public lobbies and kicked ass on Domination.

We did try out some tactics with pretty good result – we won every single match.

The strategy was pretty basic: two guys capturing the A (or C) flag, while the other four run directly to the B flag. Then everyone tried to defend the seized flags, ignoring the third flag.

If the enemy team happened to capture our initial flag (A), and several of us were more at the other side of the map, then we shifted our focus from A to C flag.

We just held two flags, camping style, throughout the whole gaming.

Usually the most firefights were around B, so we put a little more effort there, playing more offensively.

And if the enemy team was really bad, then we pushed our front line further, to between B and C, and spawn trapped the shit outta ‘em.

I’m not sure this tactic would work against a good clan, but in a public lobby – with no real co-op or communication between the enemy players – this approach did prove to be successful. And my personal stats were okay, with an average 2.17 K/D over the last 20 matches.

And do recall that none of us are really good players, we just had a plan and stuck to it.