During last night’s Black Ops II session this mad bro was hating on me (translated from Norwegian): “OMG! Camper bitch!”.

Not a big deal really, it has happened before. But let’s ponder on this one: What is a camper? Am I a camper? And what seems to be the problem with camping?

Last time I checked Urban Dictionary, there where over 70 definitions on camper – too many to read. But the first post is spot on:

“A term given to those in an online multiplayer game (usually FPS) who will place themselves in a strategic position and wait for an extended period of time until a target enters his field of view. The position usually allows one to surprise the target and allows the ‘camper’ to eliminate him with ease. There are variants of this such as camping an item to repeatedly gain its benefits and defending a critical location. […] It isn’t illegal to position yourself in such a way that you have an advantage, that’s smart thinking and it’s part of the game.”

Another post suggests that to avoid being labeled camper, you need to run around like a headless chicken waiting to be shot by an experienced clan gamer, whom will then call you a noob instead.

Moreover, how could people use a sniper rifle, except for quickscoping, if they weren’t allowed to look for advantage points? So hell yeah, I camp when the situation demands it (and some might say, a little more than that).

I play to win and to enjoy myself, a healthy dose of camping fits my play style. This doesn’t mean that I’m sitting in a corner every single match, waiting on a noob. As my boy Wings of Redemption truthfully put it “I do camp when I need to camp”.