How do I feel about the “vanity” microtransactions in Black Ops II?

It’s all BS, fo sho. Come on now, that’s just greed talking. Treyarch needs to stop trolling and fix lag compensation.

When Call of Duty Elite Premium membership came out for Modern Warfare 3, I remember thinking that they had you pay full price for half a game, and then to pay even more to complete it. (As a common player, I never took advantage of the free Elite service, because I didn’t find it to help me step up my game at all.)

My bet is that Treyarch and Infinity Ward have already made all map packs at the launch of each game, and then just sit on ‘em to sell packs in portions during the rest of the year.

Before these Personalization Packs, you could unlock an extra Custom Class by entering Prestige Mode, a pretty fair trade. But now, you can buy such slots. I think that kills the Prestige system a little bit (seen mainly as a way to show off).

Oh yeah, another thing… They made me pre-order Black Ops II to get the Nuketown 2025 map, which they now give out for free. How fucked up is that?

I really wish there were alternatives to Call of Duty. Unfortunately there’s no real competition I know of. (Battlefield is good, yeah, but it plays very differently.) How hard could it be for other game studios to make a decent, fast paced FPS set on planet Earth?