So you wanna add some depth and space to your music and have some instruments stand out in the mix? Fine.

An old method is to wire a psychoacoustic effect called Haas. (If you’re interested, you can read more on Wikipedia about how this phenomena works.)

To do this you need to electronically delay the sound signal with a device of sorts (physical or a DAW plugin.) The concept is to slightly delay the signal (approximately 5-35 ms) and play it back with the original sound source. To further widen the effect, you should pan the original signal hard to the left and the delayed hard to the right. Basically, you could follow these steps:

  1. Split the incoming left and right sound signals.
  2. Route one of the split left channels (the original sound signal) back to main left output.
  3. Connect one of the split output pairs (left and right) to a delay device.
  4. Route the left output of the delay to main right output (leave the right output of the delay disconnected).

Now you can adjust the amount of the Haas effect with the delay time up to 35 ms. Also adjust the width with the dry/wet knob on the delay device.

You can as well enhance the effect with EQ, by raising the higher frequencies to the right and the lower in the left. Additionally, try out some reverbs to get a different, deeper sound.