Firstly, thank you guys for the feedback on the previous posts, I’m now trying out new weaponry in COD based on your suggestions. Now I’d like some recommendations for iPhone headphones.

So I bought new headphones the other day, the a-JAYS Four by Swedish manufacturer Jays, for my old and dirty iPhone 4.


While the sound was good – a relatively rich, deep bass response provided, much better than the Apple default headset – the a-JAYS Four had other problems:

They weren’t in place and fell out too easily. (Even if they were delivered with different sizes of the silicone sleeves.) Really I think my ear canals must be somewhat misshaped; and if so, I just need to deal with it.

The a-JAYS Four totally seal that ambient door. You see, I don’t need maximum external sound insulation, I wanna be able to hear the traffic around me when I’m riding my bike. And yes, I’ve tried to lower the volume to balance this.

I didn’t appreciate the distinguished tangle-free, flat cable (it’s like an al dente pasta linguine string). The problem is that the cable was reproducing the sounds that occur when it’s hitting your body or clothes while moving, straight to the ear canals.

In short, Imma return these suckers to the store.

I never cared too much about headphones for my cell phone/MP3 player. Listen to music outdoors, is done quite passively and purely for pleasure. So I’ve had five or six of the standard iPhone sets, which worked well for this, but the durability is awful.

I’m now looking for alternatives. I’m not interested in any hi-fi gadgets. For me, such tech is overkill. But I’m not getting any garbage either. I want some in-ear or earbud headphones, with full-feature remote and mic. And they should be affordable. (Yes, I want the headphones to be discrete.)