Recently I was watching Drift0r dissing my favorite assault rifle in Black Ops II, namely the Type 25. Now this guy knows what he’s talking about, so I just need to reconsider my choice.


I’ve played extendedly with the Type 25, and despite its low stats I’ve found it to be pretty reliable with, what I thought, a fast rate of fire and low recoil. Why I picked it up in the first place, was a video by Tmartn, who also knows his shit around the maps. And he embraced the Type 25 like a baby.

But now, well I guess I need to try something different. And maybe that’ll boost my K/D that seems to be stuck.

Generally, I think the gun stats are misleading. No matter what the numbers are, you base your opinion on your personal experience. At the same time, stats could have some kinda placebo effect. That is, if you think a gun is good, then it becomes good in your hands even if the stats say otherwise.

Moreover, I dare to say I don’t recognize any of the guns to be that assorted from each other. Of course a SMG and a sniper rifle have little in common, but within their own categories, the selection is pretty similar to me.

Browsing Internet, popular belief (still) is that the SMGs are the best options for Black Ops II, and among these the MSMC or the PDW-57. So be it, but what assault rifle should I try out?