Warning! Avoid the Sony PULSE wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition. I returned ‘em to the store after a couple of weeks of testing. If you want any sort of audio advantage in your shooter, this is not the headset to go with.

Actually, the sound of the Sony PULSE isn’t that bad, but the big selling point, the BassImpact, destroys the whole experience.

The BassImpact feature supposes to trigger pulses in the earpads that let you feel the sound. But in reality it just feels like someone knocking on the headband. And that’s totally awkward. The contour of the deep bass just disappears in a cacophony sounding like thunder. However, you’re able to adjust the strength of this feature with a slider, but lowering it will also affect the overall low frequencies, not just the rumble motors.

With the 7.1 virtual surround, I wasn’t able hear the direction of an approaching enemy. Nah, it just required too much imagination. (Maybe my ears weren’t sufficiently trained for sound whoring with this system.) Anyway, why settle with Sony’s homemade faux virtual surround sound when other manufactures offer the genuine Dolby Surround Sound?)

The battery life is terrible, approximately five hours on a charge.

And Sony PULSE is one oversized motherfucking headset.

The only thing I do like is the built-in (hidden) mic, which itself is a great innovation and the voice quality is clear enough.

So, if you want a pair of comfortable, wireless, great-sounding, surround sound cans with a set of different audio profiles/presets to chose from, a sidetone feature (which play back your own voice into the headset) and you wanna be able to pair it with your cellphone, what gear then should you get?

Try the Turtle Beach Earforce PX5. Also works with the Xbox. Maybe a little pricier, but worth it.