Here’s a few quick mixing and mastering tips that you may find brain dead. If you do, then nevermind, but if you haven’t already figure this shit out, well then these preferences will get you one step closer to the best sound in the world!

The first tip is to set your project on a high-resolution sample rate (like 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz or 192 kHz¹) for better audio quality. Such canvas renders your applied sound design and effects (EQ, reverb et cetera) with better precision. You can regard this as if you bring more pixels to an image by boosting its resolution.

Upsampling your project if needed. And always work on 24-bit depth or more.

Another tip is a generic signal chain: Sound source > Limiter > FX. By putting a limiter (for loudness) directly after the source, your sound design details won’t get distorted, as they often do if you place the limiter after the FX.

¹ Some evidence suggests that the optimal sample rate is much below 192 kHz.