There’s a new update for Black Ops II on PS3. Reading the change notes, there seem to be some new features, like a “Go to Top” button for the League Leaderboard. Really? Who the fuck cares? Fail.

And the issues addressed, like smoother turret tracking when targeting players… Come on now, these aren’t critical fixes.

Further down the list, there’s gameplay balancing. Now, I don’t mind that, but some efforts are a bit strange: the FAL OSW was already nerfed with patch 1.04 (did it not get right the first time?) and the Type 25 has always been overpowered, why make it even more so?

Even though Treyarch claims to listen to the community and update the game based on the feedback, I do think Treyarch misses the point by far: Black Ops II’s biggest flaw simply is lag.