There’s a lot of beasting on YouTube, monsters that seamlessly get 100+ kills and pro clans (Faze Clan, Team Envyus or OpTic…) just murdering it.

But the common gamer doesn’t reach such heights as certain hardcore gamers do. I’m talking about the regular players, amateurs. I’d say that a pretty fair player has a 1.5+ K/D. And based on my experience, the average, struggling player is at 1.2, I figure.

A good game of Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed for an occasional player, would be above 35 kills and below 9 deaths. And if you score above 3000 points on Domination, you’ve done pretty well.

I’m a struggling player. My K/D is around 1.4, and if lag compensation doesn’t get the best of me, I usually go like 25-12 on TDM or Kill Confirmed.

My buddy papa_oregano often gets 30+ kills, but at the same time dies 40+ times. How is it possible that he clashes with enemies 70 times, whilst I only meet half as many enemies during a whole match? When I asked him about this, he accused me of camping. But really, I don’t. (Perhaps on Carrier, if I’ve chosen a sniper class.) For example TDM on Standoff, I never stop moving – I’m not even aiming down the sight, dude!

Basically what I’m suggesting is that a mediocre player like myself, don’t get matched to lobbies where kids get 100+ kills. At the most extreme, some lucky bastard, with a couple of high Scorestreaks, might get 90 kills.