Far Cry 3 received widespread acclaim from critics. I just can’t understand this. I don’t like this game at all. It’s ugly and clunky and it doesn’t bring anything fresh. Far Cry 3 is a potpourri of incongruous games and mechanics – where nothing is done right.

The Havok physics engine, with its ragdoll techniques, hasn’t looked this dull since 2007, when the PS3 was new. (Bear in mind that environment, nature, trees and stones, always look good as computer-generated imagery.)


Far Cry 3 is a sandbox game, set on a tropical archipelago called the Rook Islands. The protagonist is trying to survive and escape from pirates dealing in human trafficking, whilst also saving his friends.

The campaign is kinda repetitive and the story isn’t as compelling as some critics suggest; the writer of the plot claims to investigate what killing does to humanity, how being force to kill, effects the Average Joe. These heavy issues inside the framework of a first-person shooter? And for kids? Come on motherfucker, don’t believe the hype. There’s no such subtext – ambitious yes, but still vague and mal placé.

The more I think about the plot and narrative, the dumber it seems. E.g. in the end when you must chose between your life long friends or the catalyst Citra – that you’ve briefly met like five times  the decision should be obvious, still the game presents this as a tough one.

The cast of characters are awkwardly binary, either they’re good or they’re bad. And you know this from the first time they enter the scene. And they’re just boring (there’s no Brucie Kibbutz or Mordin Solus.) Moreover, the cast is not a complex web of relations, there’s really no intrigues, like in Metal Gear Solid or Mass Effect.

This is a FPS but its mechanics are slow and inaccurate, nothing like Call of Duty, Killzone or Battlefield. Headshots are essential due to the slow time to kill. Aiming for the body, you’ll quickly burn through your ammo.

Far Cry 3 also features role-playing game elements including experience points, skill trees, and a crafting system. But these are not nearly as sophisticated, as let’s say, Fallout or Skyrim.

The game’s AI gives artificial intelligence a bad name. The enemy is like a five year old child, and at the same time got a sixth sense, finding you in a bush a thousand meters away camping like a boss with a sniper rifle and suppressor.

The missions are rip off of other games and franchises: the resemblance to Grand Theft Auto and Uncharted series, and Red Dead Redemption are striking.

Sneaking missions seems to play a large role here, but they are poorly executed. Nothing like Hitman or Assassin’s Creed.

There’s a few type of vehicles, although none of them are fun to drive. And they differ only in size and how well they grip the underlying terrain (if you’re off road with a quad bike, it’s like driving on ice, man).

Far Cry 3 also features co-op and a competitive multiplayer mode. All this is a total waste of time.

Note: The comparisons to other titles above, refers only to specific mechanics, not as games in whole.