Runner Gunner

This is an agile class, good for small to mid sized maps with close quarters, like Aftermath, Hijacked, Plaza, Slums or Nuketown 2025.

I don’t think the SMGs need Adjustable Stock, you’re able to move around just fine anyway. I favor the MSMC or the PDW-57, the latter has an enormous clip size. Laser Sight is nice if you’re in a rush and close to the enemy.


I’m not a particularly talented sniper. And when it comes to quickscoping, I pretty much suck. But I think it’s fun to snipe (hard scope), preferably on Carrier, Drone, Meltdown or other maps with longer line of sights.

The DSR 50 is the strongest sniper rifle. Bolt-action though, so you better aim for the waist up. Ballistics CPU slightly reduces the sway. And the FMJ increases penetration if the enemy is partly covered. You see a lot of snipers with the Ballista, so I figure that shit is neat too.

I don’t run and gun with a sniper, I’m just not that good. That means I go between a few vantage points and keep my distance.

With the Dexterity perk I could quickscope. In theory. My playing style benefits of using the Flak Jacket perk rather than Engineer.

Fucking Awesome

This awesome class works on every map and I usually fall back to this setup if nothing else works. The Type 25 reminds of the ACR 6.8 from Modern Warfare 3.

Overall, I like to get used to the default iron sights, so that I don’t need to waste a slot on Reflex or other red dot sights, which of course always is better, but then again limiting other class options.



This may be the most enjoyable class to play with. It’s fast and deadly. A one-shot-to-kill-shotgun, the Remington pump action R870 MCS, Long Barrel and Laser Sight. I usually run up to the enemy and hip fire. (Only aiming down the sight when the distance demands it.) A Suppressor attachment isn’t really necessary because you should be on the move all the time. And get your Lightweight on, man.

Maps like Hijacked and Standoff offer plenty of kills.

Anti Aircraft

This class is for the team. This class is dedicated to bring down enemy air support. This you do with guided missiles from the FHJ-18 AA. An aircraft might bear a couple of hits or you may miss, so put on the Scavenger perk to replenish your ammo.

To avoid being put down while aiming at the air, use Blind Eye (making you undetectable by AI controlled air support) and Cold Blooded (renders you immune to targeting systems and enemy aircraft).


Named after my boy papa_oregano who successfully experimented with this gun. He then introduced it as the most overpowered gat to take advantage of before it surely would get nerfed. (And yeah, it eventually did get nerfed with the patch 1.04.)

A class based on the FAL OSW assault rifle with Select Fire as its core attachment. Even nerfed this shit still is okay. I’ve reached good scores with this on all kind of maps, but maybe you could fully advantage the gun’s range on larger maps.

Heavy Metal

A LMG, the QBB LSW, with Target Finder is a tip from Wings of Redemption whom promoted such setup. Yessir, it works for me too. While using this class I tend to camp more, so the Ghost perk doesn’t help out. Instead I put a Flak Jacket on, and this is also because I got rid of the Engineer perk. Try this setup on Cargo, Drone, Overflow, Raid, Slums or Yemen.

Please note the post below with the screen dump of the custom classes.