The first few times I tried Modern Warfare 2 I got owned. It hurt. I played it on PlayStation 3. Former to that, I’d played Killzone 2 and some third person games such as Uncharted 2 and Metal Gear Online. But Call of Duty was somewhat different. It seemed like players were much better, quicker, than I. I didn’t like that. So I rage quit and didn’t try again for quite some time.

Except of that wounding experience, I regard Black Ops as my first multiplayer COD game on PS3. I can’t recall the major differences between the games right now, but somehow I found Black Ops to be more fun than Modern Warfare 2.


I grew to really like the COD games. As everyone else, I think the lag issues are far beyond acceptable, but when the games work properly, the mechanics and the pace are wonderful – to play a good game is very rewarding. It’s like therapy.

And as of this point, with Black Ops II as the most recent release, I’m still struggling.

P. S. Right, English isn’t my native tongue: excuse my inadequate language and messed up grammar on this blog.